“Marisol is a great professional and an extraordinary human being with great empathy. She came into my life when I was in a depression I could not control, I wasn’t able to love myself, but thanks to her professional help and dedication she helped me find myself and my value as a person.”


“It’s not easy being a mom of a tween girl suffering with ADHD and anxiety. Marisol helped our family see all of the strengths and personal attributes our daughter has, even when it’s a challenge. Our daughter takes a while to warm up and open up, but Marisol quickly built rapport like the pro she is. Our daughter loves her and knows that if she ever needs anything that Marisol is right there, cheering her on, and is just a phone call away.”

Family Therapy

“Marisol Rivera Thurman is the rare and talented therapist who worked effectively with our family as a collective while honoring each person as an individual. She has a special gift for honing in on difficulty with a lightness of touch, approaching even deep pain with positivity. We are grateful for Marisol’s fierce belief in the power of family and individual therapy, her rigor and care of us, and her skill with a robust tool kit that helped to strengthen our family in tough times.”


“Marisol is a wonderful therapist. She is up to date with current treatments as well as a wealth of knowledge. She helped not only my son, but me as well. He learned techniques to keep himself calm and I learned how to take charge in a structured way to better support us both. Because Marisol has expertise in working with children with special needs, it was through her dedication and perseverance that I was able to get my son the services he needed to support  his ADHD. I highly recommend Marisol.“

Couple and Trauma.

“We were having some difficult times in our marriage and were on the verge of separation. It was a blessing to meet and receive couples therapy from Marisol. We appreciated her professionalism, ethics, and above all her humanity. With her, we learned about ourselves, individually, and as a couple. She not only helped our marriage, but she provided invaluable guidance for us as parents of a child with special needs. We always felt supported and understood.”

Anxiety, Divorce, Fatherhood and finding Joy

“I was at a low point after getting divorced when I started working with Marisol. Depressed, and suffering from social and occupational anxiety, she helped me get back to the basics and re-connect with the ethics of my upbringing. Together, we identified the defense and escape mechanisms I had developed over the years, and found ways to replace them with constructive thought exercises and good life habits. I’m now leading a fulfilled and happy life as the man and father that was buried under trauma.

Blended Family

“I am confident that my marriage and blending of families would not have been nearly as successful if not for the warm, knowledgeable, insightful, straightforward approach from Marisol. My husband and I BOTH felt equally heard and understood. As an individual, she truly helped me learn to let go and move on, and try not to control everything. As a family, we’ve struggled with ADHD, anxiety, depression, alcohol and different parenting/personality styles. Marisol has been an invaluable resource and has helped make us an unbreakable family-unit. We will all be forever grateful.“

Anxiety and OCD

“My daughter has worked with Marisol Rivera Thurman for over a year now and has benefited enormously from her sessions. Marisol is considerate, patient and easy to talk to. She has not only helped our daughter identify and understand the issues she is dealing with, but has also helped us as parents. Her guidance is invaluable and we trust her completely. We would highly recommend working with Marisol.”